KeyLogger v1.2
              Created by: etM
      ___           ___           ___     
     /\  \         /\  \         /\__\    
    /::\  \        \:\  \       /::|  |   
   /:/\:\  \        \:\  \     /:|:|  |   
  /::\~\:\  \       /::\  \   /:/|:|__|__ 
 /:/\:\ \:\__\     /:/\:\__\ /:/ |::::\__\
 \:\~\:\ \/__/    /:/  \/__/ \/__/~~/:/  /
  \:\ \:\__\     /:/  /            /:/  / 
   \:\ \/__/     \/__/            /:/  /  
    \:\__\                       /:/  /   
     \/__/                       \/__/    

About: KeyLogger v1.2 basically does what the name says. The only reason you probably have this right now is because etM gave it to you or it got distributed prematurely ;). Anyway, for those of you thickheaded people who are still wondering, this is what it does:
<stupid>Loads silently into Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and logs all keystrokes and the title of the window where those keystrokes where typed.</stupid>

Directions for use: Launch and enjoy. All keystrokes are saved into a file named "commprt.dll" located in the same directory as the executable (commprt.exe). The log "commprt.dll" is actually a text file but given the extension".dll" to somewhat mask it's presence. Note: Make sure the file "KTKbdHk.dll" is located somewhere in the system path. (Ex: C:\Winnt\System32 -or- C:\Windows\System)

Soon to come: This program simply logs keystrokes, BUT since this program is in it's early stages that's ALL it does. There are probably millions of programs like this one, but it will soon have features that will make it indispensable. For example, later versions of this program will include:
- Better logging capabilities (such as showing current user logged on to Windows or automatic startup)
- More configurability
- Log uploading, including several methods (for those of you who will need different ways of retrieving your dirty little log file), including upload methods which may circumvent those annoying Anti-Virus Firewalls (such as Norton Internet Security).
- Log file encryption capabilities
- Occasional or delayed screenshots (every X amount of minutes)

Conclusion: Be sure to keep up to date with KeyLogger, by etM! It's FREEWARE! And it was made with the people of security intrusion in mind. Feel FREE to distribute this software FREELY, FREE of charge. Just don't forget to give credit where credit is due -> etM.

Credits: Konstantin Tretyakov ( - Making the fantastic keyboard hook library, which is basically the guts of this software.
Lil' Fo' Head - Being my test rat.