ben105879764 : well I am intelligent
ben105879764 : who is this?
ben105879764 : hello?
christinaleg2k : rear
christinaleg2k : how AR you
christinaleg2k : does does what that mean?
ben105879764 : do you speak German?

christinaleg2k : sure more whatever dud
christinaleg2k : dude
ben105879764 : sadly, I speak not English...
christinaleg2k : LOL
christinaleg2k : i know
christinaleg2k : you need help
ben105879764 : screw you!

christinaleg2k : what is that?
christinaleg2k : i love you, DO you love ME?
ben105879764 : you AR crazy girl
christinaleg2k : what AR you so afrid of?1
christinaleg2k : WOW
ben105879764 : ME NO and-arose English
christinaleg2k : you CAN speak english
ben105879764 : i know, but ME NO and-arose
christinaleg2k : lol
christinaleg2k : :-D
ben105879764 : They are a fool
christinaleg2k : i c
christinaleg2k : EXCUSE YOU1
ben105879764 : this is my life span, with people as to be spoken you
christinaleg2k : in NOT dumb!
christinaleg2k : lol
ben105879764 : Fool = fool
christinaleg2k : ok...... in NOT the a fool!
christinaleg2k : more whatever!
ben105879764 : more whatever...?
ben105879764 : what this means?

christinaleg2k : ya... means....who
christinaleg2k : or anyways
christinaleg2k : NEXT
christinaleg2k : topic
christinaleg2k : u c
ben105879764 : who is interested
ben105879764 : who cares
ben105879764 : like that which is your name?

ben105879764 : I think that you can now understand German

christinaleg2k : STOP!
ben105879764 : why don't you speak?
ben105879764 : stop
christinaleg2k : ... in the name OF love!
ben105879764 : lol, I love you also

ben105879764 : I love you

christinaleg2k : BATH BOY!
christinaleg2k : oh
christinaleg2k : does that mean i love you?
ben105879764 : flog me, delightfully
christinaleg2k : is does sue what?
christinaleg2k : it *
ben105879764 : yes love
ben105879764 : means thus
ben105879764 : It means you
ben105879764 : hello
christinaleg2k : rear
ben105879764 : Rear one!
christinaleg2k : i have a hello!
christinaleg2k : lol
ben105879764 : you have?
ben105879764 : why do you play with me?

christinaleg2k : ?
ben105879764 : why AR you
ben105879764 : playing with ME
christinaleg2k : thats what that means?
ben105879764 : it's NOT merrily
ben105879764 : yes
christinaleg2k : lusting?
ben105879764 : I estimate that you do not speak much
christinaleg2k : what??
christinaleg2k : oh my!
ben105879764 : merrily? that mean funny
ben105879764 : wants you have sex with ME
ben105879764 : i to using to translate it
christinaleg2k : AR you does tuxedo what?
christinaleg2k : NO....unless you marry ME
ben105879764 : tuxedo NOT-HUNG
ben105879764 : in Germany, which we connect dont, we drive even hell out out more eachother
ben105879764 : translat: in Germany, we dont marry, we just fear for the brightly out OF more eachother
ben105879764 : in Germany we do not connect, we drive out even hell out each other
christinaleg2k : pero la gradite?
ben105879764 : is that Spanish?
christinaleg2k : goodbye
christinaleg2k : i wants DO that only whan in married
ben105879764 : Probably live
christinaleg2k : we Americans call it making love
ben105879764 : lol
christinaleg2k : lol
ben105879764 : what is that
christinaleg2k : Nm
ben105879764 : Nm???
christinaleg2k : nevermind
ben105879764 : with what do you deal with yourselves now?
ben105879764 : O.k., so now you would like to speak not with me, because I am German!
christinaleg2k : when you trully love someone it is making love... you would say....just fears for the brightly out OF more eachother!
christinaleg2k : which has NO meaning
ben105879764 : yeah i know
ben105879764 : sorry christina
ben105879764 : thats a nice name though
ben105879764 : aight, i shall stop brass with you... now
ben105879764 : hahaha
christinaleg2k : i knew it which you ALL along
ben105879764 : did i GET you this time?
ben105879764 : yeah, right
christinaleg2k : Dork
ben105879764 : your more never sure
ben105879764 : O.k., so now you would like to speak not with me, because I am German!
ben105879764 : means...
ben105879764 : " ok, thus now you don't want to talc to of ME because i'm German! "
christinaleg2k : lol
christinaleg2k : ya
ben105879764 : here, ill translate this entire conversation for you, brb
christinaleg2k : great
christinaleg2k : thank you